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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Not the Sexually Transmitted Kind!

STD --> Spot the Dog
was the name of the business me and my group mates ran for one of our subjects during high school (senior year). We sold pouches and slippers. Why STD? Well, it seemed like a fun/funny idea at that time... but now looking back, I think it was a mistake. But, oh well, lesson learned, don't name your business after something people never want to get.

A part of running any business is to have some marketing plan or Ads. So naturally we made a few ourselves. I took charge of this and conceptualized and photographed what would become our Ads. It was probably only the 2nd photo shoot I've ever done. And oh, the cam I used for this was a Canon DSLR that belonged to my classmate's uncle. Funny thing is, I didn't even know how to use one then, so I don't know how I was able to produce these images. Just got lucky I guess. Thankfully the images came out just the way I wanted them to.

Here they are untouched and raw:

Light set up breakdown:
- Lamp
- Yellow garden light behind
- Flashlight on products

And yes, those are crumpled newspapers on the wall.


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