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Thursday, July 30, 2009

ManilArt 09

**Sorry for the poor photo quality, these pictures were just shot using an iPhone. I brought my cam with me but forgot to put the memory card back in after transferring some files.

Two of my good friends and I (this was our only picture together)
went to the 1st Philippine International Art Fair entitled ManilArt 09 last July 18, 2009 (Saturday). It was held at the NBC Tent in Bonifacio Global City.
We wanted a change of setting from our usual (watch a movie at Greenbelt or Rockwell then dinner somewhere after), so we decided we wanted to be artsy and go to an Art Fair. We almost didn't push through with it but luckily we did. We have SO MUCH talent in this country and I was just AMAZED seeing all the artworks in the fair. I was amazed by their creativity, ingenuity, style, imagination, and patience to create such works of art.

Front View
Side ViewBoxed Up
This used so much paint (you can't see it in the picture but all those dots are doodies of paint)
Love the puzzle piece concept of this one
Some fun paintings

Believe it or not, these wire sculptures were made by using just one roll of wire each without any cutting. So if you take it apart and try to see if it is indeed just one continuous wire you will only see one wire going on and on. That takes a lot of foreseeing! That's a lot of talent right there!

Love the color of this one
Nice mix of paint and ink
Interesting take
Painted on a woven mat (Banig)
Close Up
This is MY FAVORITERelevant Topics
Crazy Beautiful Imagination
I'm loving this. Might do something like this with Isa :)
This painting gave me and idea for a shootCatwoman
AR likes this
Fish sculpture
Love this portrait
Tree ManSome woman
ART appreciating

Here's a picture to give you an idea of the scale of the Art FairAfter all that art, we were starving but despite our hunger we wanted to try eating somewhere new instead of eating in the usual places. So we went around searching. It took awhile until we decided on one.

We ended up at Numa, it's located somewhere in Bonifacio Global City
Their menuAR's order, their specialty: Shepherd's PieI got Binagoongan and that's AR's salad for startersTea for Jerome (he ate ahead)
And some Red Tea thing for me
So much for trying out something new, food wasn't anything WOW. It was just OK, nothing particularly special.
Oh well, hope we have better luck in choosing next time


Rest of the pictures here:

NOTE : I remember bringing my Masscom notes with me that night, exam was in 2 days and pages and pages to study. I can't believe I went out that night when I barely studied. I felt better when I saw my blockmate in Serendra who hasn't started studying as well. The exam was done in 2 parts, I'd like to think I made up for it on the 2nd part. Results aren't out yet. I hope I passed :|

Good Things Come To Those Who Wait

Meet my new baby Nikon D90!!! After sooooooo long, I finally got it :D
Can't wait to use it for the shoot tomorrow. Time to read up on the manual for now.
Wish me luck for tomorrow's shoot! :D

Look at that beauty!
Looks like one of those movie scenes with the "aahhh" moment.
*Cue in music and shining light*
The contents of the box.The CAMERUUHH!Everything else inside :)*feeling giddy*


Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Teaser for the 1st shoot

**EDIT Isa confirmed with me earlier this evening that the shoot on Friday is a GO-GO!!! :D

I was able to borrow all these stuff :D
Just a little teaser of what you can expect from the first shoot.
Isa will bring the rest of the stuff from her closet.

Look at this amazing visor thing :P
Boleros from my favorite bestest cousin in the whole wide world!!!

I'm loving the color of this one.


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