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Monday, July 27, 2009

Theme #1: Lady Gaga + Terry Richardson Photography

With all the LADY GAGA hype and with her upcoming concert in MANILA (that I really want to go to, anyone want to sponsor me? hehe^_^), I thought that she'd serve as the perfect inspiration for the first shoot this coming Friday (hopefully there will be no more postponements).

I originally wanted to do a photo shoot with Michael Jackson as the theme to serve as a tribute to him but our schedules did not permit it and I think it would be too late now, maybe on his first death anniversary. Anyways, I want to start my first shoot with a bang, I want to do something with that WOW factor.With the Lady Gaga theme, I think I can accomplish just that.

But that's just one half the WOW. The photography style is another story. Going through the thousands of blogs I read, I came accross this amazing photographer named Terry Richardson (more than once). He has a very distinct style and he's very much sought after now by all the big time magazines. The first time I laid eyes on his work I was drawn to them, they have a very raw feel to them. They're very real and he has a way of getting his subjects (from models, actors, to politicians) to do things other photographers normally couldn't (see pictures below, that's him on the left with glasses).


He's like the great Annie Leibovitz in that way.
The only problem now is if I can figure out how to get the same effect as his pictures. It looks really easy, but i bet it's not as easy as it looks. I think I got the half of it down though, I think my model and I will make a great team.
Here are some of Leibovitz most famous/controversial photographs:


The very pregnant and nude Demi Moore on the cover of Vanity Fair // John and Yoko very much in love for the cover of Rolling Stone (their last moments and photographs together, John was assassinated hours after the shoot)


Demi Moore in her birthday suit for the cover of Vanity Fair // Miley Cyrus and her controversial photo for the cover of Vanity Fair as well

**I know I should be developing my own style, but I'm still at the stage of exploring and experimenting. I want to learn all there is possible to learn. I'm still learning the "basics", only after I've mastered it can I develop my own style. It's like going to school, we learn the basics but it's up to us what to do with it. Wish me luck! :D

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