SINCE 07/28/09

Friday, July 17, 2009


I took up fashion photography last May 2008 under Raymund Isaac at Philippine Center for Creative Imaging (PCCI). I really learned a lot from the two day workshop. Despite the pricey fee, I think that it was well worth it.

This first picture was from our individual exercise where themes were chosen for us and we had to think of a concept within a few minutes. We were given total control in terms of direction. These included the lights, a little bit of the wardrobe, and directing the model. This is my fave from the bunch I took. Most turned out bad due to technical difficulties during the shoot. My theme was something I forgot and sexy. I did not want to do the typical sexy idea so I tried to think out of the box given the very limited time I had to think. The wardrobe part was not really my decision. I sort of just went along with it since my theme was sexy. And I think there wasn't a wardrobe to choose from anyways. So yeah... I decided to take light stands from the side as props and told my model to go for a more strong independent woman feel. And this is the result.

This second photo was from my classmates turn. I forgot what his theme was.

Model: Pam Perlas

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