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Thursday, September 24, 2009

French Movies I <3

Love Me If You Dare / Jeux d'enfants




You guys should try to watch these movies. I guarantee you will LOVE them both.

Chinatown Adventure Part 3

**This is part 3 of 3 entries. I had to divide it because I don't want to have very long posts and it might take awhile to load if I placed it all in one entry because it is photo loaded.

Things we saw along the way (looking for the place that serves Oyster Cake):
1. Ongpin North Bridge
2. A nasty smelling river flowing below it.
3. Fruit Stands
4. Kalesas

Finally found the place after asking a few guards. Turns out we walked right passed it. It's semi-hidden as you can see below. I don't know why my friend suggested we try the oyster cake. It certainly is different and one of a kind and an adventure for the taste buds but.... Damn (pardon my language) Oyster cake = ewwwwgrooossssssyuuuccckkkk!!! Ok, so maybe the taste and look is ok, but it's gummy/chewy. And I hate anything edible that's gummy/chewy except for candy. The texture was just... I couldn't take it. I couldn't even swallow it, I spat it out. Pilar was able to swallow a piece down, she is one brave soul (hehehe). We asked to have it wrapped. Obviously not to take home... but to give to someone on the street. And oh! the place isn't air conditioned! Do not get fooled by their signage! :P

Then we were off to find the place that had sugar cane juice to get rid of the nastiness in our mouth. Pictures below are what you'll normally see in the streets of Binondo.

This one in particular took the longest to find. We asked a lot of people and it turn outs, I think we got the details wrong. hahaha! :)) This was worth the search I guess. It's cheap and yummy and according to the posters, it has health benefits too! The place was playing fun music, we danced a bit and people looked at us like we were crazy. hahaha :)) feeling tourist much.

We headed back to where we started.

It was still early and we didn't really want to go yet and my stomach wanted one more thing. So we went to Eng Bee Tin Chinese Deli. I got me self a radish cake and 7up. Not even halfway through and I couldn't down it no more. It was too deep fried, oil, gross, or I think it's just the combination of everything I had that day. Had it wrapped, and gave it to someone on the street.

And that concludes our Chinatown Adventure! :)
More adventure entries to come! :)

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Chinatown Adventure Part 2

**This is part 2 of 3 entries. I had to divide it because I don't want to have very long posts and it might take awhile to load if I placed it all in one entry because it is photo loaded.

After visiting Binondo Church, we started our foodtrip adventure! Good thing I have friends who know the area well so I asked them to make a list for me. First thing we saw on our list was Tasty Dumplings

We ordered their Porkchop rice and Chai Dumplings (correction, not tasty dumplings) as my friend recomended in the list. Delicious! I guess it was even tastier because we were both hungry. And because we were going to devour more dishes afterward, we decided to just split one order of each.Photobucket

After our first delicious meal, we spotted Ho-Land along the way famous for their yummy Hopia. Pilar bought a few for herself and her family.

Few steps away and we were "officially" in Chinatown.

Our next must try was the Beef La Mien of Lan Zhou La Mien. I must say, it's value for money. Very big serving for a very cheap and reasonable price. One order is even good for 2 in my opinion. We split an order for this one as well.

We had a hard time finding this next one. Though we passed by it more than once, we didn't know what we saw was already the fried siopao we were looking for. We had to ask this old guard who thought Pilar was an American. Laughtrip! :)) This is the super duper must try I would recommend when you're in Chinatown. It is delicious!!! Looks like regular siopao right? Same thoughts we had. That's why we thought it wasn't the right place. We observed later though that there are lot of places selling fried siopao around Binondo. For some reason we only noticed this much later.

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Chinatown Adventure Part 1

**This is part 1 of 3 entries. I had to divide it because I don't want to have very long posts and it might take awhile to load if I placed it all in one entry because it is photo loaded.

During the term break, me and my friends planned to have fun and really enjoy the break while it lasted. One of the things that we planned was to explore Chinatown (Binondo). Sadly, a lot couldn't go so it ended up just Pilar and I going. We still had fun nonetheless. It was a Thursday, September 3, 2009, we decided to meet up in school so that it would be convenient. First decision we had to make was how to get there. I researched the night before and the options we had were to take (A) Jeep (B) Train (C) FX. Well of course there's also option (D) Taxi, but it wouldn't be as much of an adventure if that were the case..... We ended up taking a taxi anyways.

First stop, the statue of Mr. Ongpin (??? I forgot), where the taxi dropped us off (1st 2 upper left pictures). Start of tourista pictures. Then we went in the beautiful and historic Binondo Church behind the statue where we lit some candles and said our own little prayers.

The beautiful exterior of Binondo Church.

Same structure, different angles.

Stitched 3 different photos with different angles of the Church. Interesting perspective, don't you think?

The interior of Binondo Church.
Notice their fan machines? Iba talaga ang Pinoy. Hehe :P

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Look What I Found!

Lady Gaga in the bathroom


Does this shoot remind you of anything?
Remember my first shoot?


Just wanted to share :)


I'm pretty sure majority of us thought her outfits for the VMA's were crazy and bizarre.
And she didn't only have one, but SIX outfits!!!
But after seeing this lovely chart, now I understand her artistic choices.
This explains a lot.


She truly is about the performance. She is a living performance art.
She is a visionary and a true artist.
I say, keep rocking our world GAGA! :P


Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Green Giant

Website Poster

Check out our official website, GREENGIANTFM
you can send in your requests and shoutouts thru our official yahoo messenger,
If you want us to advertise you, your org/event, you can contact us as well for media partnerships!


Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Sample Pictures

Here are some pictures taken with my Nikon D100 just to show you that it's still in good
condition and that it's still an OK DSLR.

Broken Wings
If Only...
Staying in the Light


For Sale: Nikon D100 Set

As you all know, I just recently got a Nikon D90. And so now I have 2 DSLRs. I don't really need two (though it would be convenient for events, but that's not my focus) as one is enough. So I'm selling my Nikon D100. And plus, I could really use the cash I'd get to buy other photo equipment and etc.

DSC_1117 copy

I purchased this Nikon D100 sometime mid-2007 (second hand).
It is still in good condition as I never really got to use it that much.
Reason for selling: Upgrade to Nikon D90

Included in the set:
DSC_1128 copy
DSC_1105 copy
DSC_1112 copy
DSC_1099 copy
DSC_1092 copy
All this for the price of 20k (negotiable)
DSC_1146 copy

Pictures I've taken using this camera:

You can contact me through

or leave your name and contact details in the comment box and I will get back to you.

Hello, Manila! Hello, Reality!

I'm back in MANILA


Break is over and the start of a new term begins.

Yes, I have been behind with my posts... I apologize. I have a long list of pending entries. Maybe in the next few days you will see a flood of posts.

Yes, I still haven't finished the beauty shoot set. I don't want to just post for the sake of posting. I'm thinking it (the design/post process) thoroughly and hopefully I will be able to finish one this week.

PROMISE I will really get to work and be productive.

I'm just loving this year.


Tuesday, September 8, 2009

See you tomorrow, Cebu!

Hey Cebu! I'll be home tomorrow :)
Did you miss me? hehe :P

Last time I was there was.... Last term break? sometime May.
So many things I've missed and looking forward to seeing again.

My beautiful view from home overlooking the city.
So lucky to be able to enjoy this everyday when I get home even though I sometimes take it for granted.

*this pic was taken January 1, 2009, first day of the year. Some time between 5:50 to 6am.
Speaking of New Year, it's almost the end of the year (considering that we just entered the BER months). So far this year has been good and I am truly grateful. Thank you, Lord.

A more colorful perspective.
*Beautiful sunrise I was able to capture with my cellphone camera. I took this when I was on the way to my cousins house, we were going to go hiking that morning. Something I miss doing as well.

Dong Khee, my oh so adorable doggie :)
I miss you!!! :P

And of course, my good friends!


Note: My flight is tomorrow 9AM... I haven't packed. Haha :P
I should really get packing but...

Saturday, September 5, 2009


I am not wasting a single day of my term break! I love to explore and do things I've never done before. Expect more posts like these.

Sorry was not able to document this adventure, it never came to mind. But promise I'll remember to next time :)

So as most of you know/don't know, I am an Ukay-ukay virgin and I went to my very first one yesterday (Sept. 4, 2009). A good friend of mine was kind enough to accompany me on my very first ukay adventure (Thanks, Friend!). My friend said the one infront/near Rob Galleria was nice so we went there. There were 2 ukay-ukay shops there. From the first one I was able to scavenge this blue plaid long sleeves polo and got it for Php170 (about $3.50). Not bad right? Such a good deal to think that a polo from Topman can run you around 2k.

From the 2nd Ukay store, I got everything else you see below. Aren't they such great finds?
I got them for Php180 a piece! According to the saleslady, these are all from Hong Kong.

The experience was definitely something new to me. In a sea of 2nd hand clothes where most of the stuff aren't nice, it can be discouraging for most people. And the shopping environment doesn't help the situation. Imagine being in a store where the racks are FILLED with not so hygienic pre-owned clothes. How appealing can that be right?
once you find something nice, its like... finding that needle in the haystack. My friend was already making fun of me because I'd have this certain reaction every time I found something nice. I actually found quite a lot from the 2nd store BUT had fit issues with them.

After the whole experience, I felt like my money was so well worth it. I might never shop in the mall again! Ok... maybe not never but I'll definitely be hitting the ukay's more often :)
I think I've become a convert. hahaha :P

Oh... and on the way there to meet my friend, I found an ukay-ukay store at the Edsa station of LRT1. I will explore that next. ^_^

Close up's of the clothes


And oh, for those that know me well, I have an addiction to plaid. Seriously. I think I would wear plaid everyday if I could.
I just love it and I can't explain it.

To my friends who are reading this: there's this nice blue black white plaid polo in Topman that I love, I'm a size medium.
It's almost my bday ^_^ yey! haha

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