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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

For Sale: Nikon D100 Set

As you all know, I just recently got a Nikon D90. And so now I have 2 DSLRs. I don't really need two (though it would be convenient for events, but that's not my focus) as one is enough. So I'm selling my Nikon D100. And plus, I could really use the cash I'd get to buy other photo equipment and etc.

DSC_1117 copy

I purchased this Nikon D100 sometime mid-2007 (second hand).
It is still in good condition as I never really got to use it that much.
Reason for selling: Upgrade to Nikon D90

Included in the set:
DSC_1128 copy
DSC_1105 copy
DSC_1112 copy
DSC_1099 copy
DSC_1092 copy
All this for the price of 20k (negotiable)
DSC_1146 copy

Pictures I've taken using this camera:

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