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Saturday, September 5, 2009


I am not wasting a single day of my term break! I love to explore and do things I've never done before. Expect more posts like these.

Sorry was not able to document this adventure, it never came to mind. But promise I'll remember to next time :)

So as most of you know/don't know, I am an Ukay-ukay virgin and I went to my very first one yesterday (Sept. 4, 2009). A good friend of mine was kind enough to accompany me on my very first ukay adventure (Thanks, Friend!). My friend said the one infront/near Rob Galleria was nice so we went there. There were 2 ukay-ukay shops there. From the first one I was able to scavenge this blue plaid long sleeves polo and got it for Php170 (about $3.50). Not bad right? Such a good deal to think that a polo from Topman can run you around 2k.

From the 2nd Ukay store, I got everything else you see below. Aren't they such great finds?
I got them for Php180 a piece! According to the saleslady, these are all from Hong Kong.

The experience was definitely something new to me. In a sea of 2nd hand clothes where most of the stuff aren't nice, it can be discouraging for most people. And the shopping environment doesn't help the situation. Imagine being in a store where the racks are FILLED with not so hygienic pre-owned clothes. How appealing can that be right?
once you find something nice, its like... finding that needle in the haystack. My friend was already making fun of me because I'd have this certain reaction every time I found something nice. I actually found quite a lot from the 2nd store BUT had fit issues with them.

After the whole experience, I felt like my money was so well worth it. I might never shop in the mall again! Ok... maybe not never but I'll definitely be hitting the ukay's more often :)
I think I've become a convert. hahaha :P

Oh... and on the way there to meet my friend, I found an ukay-ukay store at the Edsa station of LRT1. I will explore that next. ^_^

Close up's of the clothes


And oh, for those that know me well, I have an addiction to plaid. Seriously. I think I would wear plaid everyday if I could.
I just love it and I can't explain it.

To my friends who are reading this: there's this nice blue black white plaid polo in Topman that I love, I'm a size medium.
It's almost my bday ^_^ yey! haha

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