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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

See you tomorrow, Cebu!

Hey Cebu! I'll be home tomorrow :)
Did you miss me? hehe :P

Last time I was there was.... Last term break? sometime May.
So many things I've missed and looking forward to seeing again.

My beautiful view from home overlooking the city.
So lucky to be able to enjoy this everyday when I get home even though I sometimes take it for granted.

*this pic was taken January 1, 2009, first day of the year. Some time between 5:50 to 6am.
Speaking of New Year, it's almost the end of the year (considering that we just entered the BER months). So far this year has been good and I am truly grateful. Thank you, Lord.

A more colorful perspective.
*Beautiful sunrise I was able to capture with my cellphone camera. I took this when I was on the way to my cousins house, we were going to go hiking that morning. Something I miss doing as well.

Dong Khee, my oh so adorable doggie :)
I miss you!!! :P

And of course, my good friends!


Note: My flight is tomorrow 9AM... I haven't packed. Haha :P
I should really get packing but...

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