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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Chinatown Adventure Part 2

**This is part 2 of 3 entries. I had to divide it because I don't want to have very long posts and it might take awhile to load if I placed it all in one entry because it is photo loaded.

After visiting Binondo Church, we started our foodtrip adventure! Good thing I have friends who know the area well so I asked them to make a list for me. First thing we saw on our list was Tasty Dumplings

We ordered their Porkchop rice and Chai Dumplings (correction, not tasty dumplings) as my friend recomended in the list. Delicious! I guess it was even tastier because we were both hungry. And because we were going to devour more dishes afterward, we decided to just split one order of each.Photobucket

After our first delicious meal, we spotted Ho-Land along the way famous for their yummy Hopia. Pilar bought a few for herself and her family.

Few steps away and we were "officially" in Chinatown.

Our next must try was the Beef La Mien of Lan Zhou La Mien. I must say, it's value for money. Very big serving for a very cheap and reasonable price. One order is even good for 2 in my opinion. We split an order for this one as well.

We had a hard time finding this next one. Though we passed by it more than once, we didn't know what we saw was already the fried siopao we were looking for. We had to ask this old guard who thought Pilar was an American. Laughtrip! :)) This is the super duper must try I would recommend when you're in Chinatown. It is delicious!!! Looks like regular siopao right? Same thoughts we had. That's why we thought it wasn't the right place. We observed later though that there are lot of places selling fried siopao around Binondo. For some reason we only noticed this much later.

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  1. its fried siopao? like literally fried? o.o

  2. @mimie: not sure how they cook it, but it's not deep fried if that's what you're asking :)


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