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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Trip to Hidalgo

(late post)

Went to Hidalgo St. (photographer's haven) last July 1, 2009, Wednesday.
(Photos of Hidalgo St. below are not mine.)

I went with Isa and JR. It was Isa's first time so we had to orient her on a few matters. We basically told her how it is there, what to expect and how we're getting there. We've already told her prior to this planned trip to dress DOWN especially that were riding the train. So here's what she originally came in:

(all other photos by: John Ocampo)

So she came still looking pretty. FAIL. THANK GOD she listened well and brought extra clothes.
So here's her dress down look:

Made a quick visit to Quiapo Church.
Tried to do jump shots.
Here's a more successful attempt :)
Watcha lookin at, Is? :)
Stupid looking photo of yours trulyPeace y'all!
Look at those lenses! on her and behind her! :D
Drooling over some lomo cams.I bought me self a backdrop (my pic)and a speed light (SB900) (my pic)
Testing the speed light on Isa :)After the purchases, we had to go back to school. Isa and JR both had some thing at school.
Here we are waiting for the train at the station.
hidalgo st
A nice portrait of Isa.

Made it back to school in one piece.
Super fun adventure trip! Emphasis on SUPER and FUN! Our next adventure will be to Ocean Park and the National Musem :)


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