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Friday, July 17, 2009

Oh Happy Day!

For some reason this song popped into my head during INTPRIN class and got stuck for quite a few minutes. I was getting bored from hearing all the long stories from my classmates (sorry, but it's the truth). Anyways, yesterday was a happy day :)

My first and only class yesterday was still at 1pm.
We were given a free cut for the other class.
So I had lunch with two of my good friends, Julz and Ricca, at around 11-ish.

This is Julz:
And that's Ricca behind him.
We had a very interesting conversation about our friendship.
You know we LOVE you, Ricca!
hehehe :)


After our INTPRIN class, a few of my blockmates and I went out as planned. But we had a difficult time deciding. There were a lot of factors to take into consideration like: taxi availability, movie theater quality, schedule of the movie, etc. The original plan was to watch Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, have dinner, then drinks. But when we got to MOA (which we eventually picked over Rob Manila), the cinemas were full. So we decided to just eat then have drinks. We ate at Sbarro then had drinks at _______ (I forgot, I will ask one of them). Laugh trip, super fun conversation. Bitin though, we had to cut our fun short as 2 of them had to be somewhere else. But it's all good. To be continued next Thursday! :)

Here are my blockmates:
(L-R: Rika, Pilar, and Paolo)
I just had to take a picture of them with their umbrellas. Well the black one is actually mine. But yeah, they just looked so cute. Dontcha think so? :) Mark isn't in this picture because he was getting his car.

That's Mark driving. He drove us to MOA since he brought a car.
Thanks for the ride, Mark! :)

I didn't take too many photos. I was feeling lazy that day.
I will steal from Rika when she uploads :)
And there are no pictures of me in this post because... :P

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