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Monday, March 8, 2010

Fashion Alphabet Series

Just realized how vague my last post was so I'm going to try to make things a little clearer in this post.

The Fashion Alphabet Series has been an idea I've had for a while. I forgot how I came up with this concept but basically the idea is to take each letter of the alphabet then relate it to fashion to come up with a theme/concept for my fashion shoots. So for example, I started with the letter A and thought of Androgynous as a theme. I've made a list for all the other letters but I lack a few I think. A good thing about this is that I won't run out of concepts for at least 25 more shoots. Hehe :)

So yeah, like I said, I had a photoshoot last Saturday. Androgynous theme. And I can't wait to share the photos with you guys! I think it's my best photo shoot to date. Not that I've had much.

I just want to thank Yeoh for helping me out with getting models and everything. Owe you big time! And for the future shoots he's hooking me up with. If all will be confirmed I have another shoot next week. Wish me luck!

Now this is what my blog was really made for. I didn't mean to bombard you with stuff about my life life. Hopefully this becomes a more regular thing (the photo shoot stuff I mean). Happy happy joy joy!


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