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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Word of the Day: SPIFFY

It's one of my friends birthday today and like any other friend would do, I greeted her (on Facebook since that's the only contact I have of her).

Here's how it went:
The profile picture she is referring to is the picture of me taken during Philippine Fashion Week. The one where I had a spiffy outfit on. It is the very same outfit you see on my new banner :) (Like the new banner?)

And I was like, "What's spiffy? I've never heard of that word before."
But I didn't want to ask her. I didn't want to seem like I've never heard of that word before.
So I immediately went to the very reliable and searched for it.

Here's the result:
(I took the liberty to edit out the advertisements and etc.)

I was very flattered after I found out what it meant. As you can see, I just couldn't wait to blog about this. Flattered + new word = new post immediately.

Spiffy, Spiffier, Spiffiest, Spiffily, Spiffiness, Spiffying, Spiffied, Spiffies.
These words will now be part of my regular vocabulary.
It's such a fun word don't you think?
Let's make the world a spiffier place!
Learn it, Love it!


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