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Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Alphabeat is a Danish pop band from Silkeborg, signed to Polydor label. Their single, "Fascination", was a major hit in Denmark during the summer of 2007 and a significant hit in the UK in 2008. The next single, "10.000 Nights of Thunder" (or just "10,000 Nights" in the UK) saw equal success, and their eponymous debut album went platinum in Denmark, and in the UK, the album has gone gold. It has sold over 100,000 copies, and their 3 top 20 singles have sold in the region of 400,000 all together. -- from Wikipedia

Found out about this really cool Danish band in one of the blogs I read. I've seen 3 of their music videos and they're pretty amazing. I'm really digging their sound. Good music + cool videos = I love! :D You have to see and hear for yourself.

Alphabeat - What Is Happening

Isn't the video just so fun, fresh, cute and clever? Haven't seen a video like it for quite some time now. Last one would probably be Fiest's 1234? And the song, don't you just love the song? :)

Here's another video, Alphabeat - Boyfriend

Love the video of this one too!
I'm really loving them!
Will get their album.

**Ok, so I realized lately I've been kind of off track with what should be the main focus of this blog. Got carried away. Hehe :) Promise I will schedule and have my next shoot SOON. And promise I will finish the rest of the photos (Isa beauty shoot) by next month (or before the year ends). HEHE :D

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