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Friday, October 23, 2009

Oh Jacqui!

(Super late post)

One of my requirements last term for my finals for one of my majors was to interview someone in the movie industry whether it be an actress, director, writer, producer, etc. Anyone for as long as they work/ed in the film industry. Then we were asked to write a paper on it. Below is the first paragraph of my paper that will tell you what happened.

Finding someone to interview and confirming a meeting with them for this paper was very stressful. At first, everything was ok, I’m lucky enough to have friends who know people from showbiz. I was set to interview Lotlot de Leon but after finding out that she was out of the country and won’t be back until sometime September (past the deadline), I panicked. I scrambled to find someone else to interview asking all my friends if they knew someone who worked/works in the film industry. A few were able to help me out, the only problem was that the people they knew were too busy or out of the country as well. Luckily, I was able to confirm an interview with Jacquilou Blanco. But even that wasn’t so sure. The meeting was originally set at 10AM last Saturday but was moved to 2PM just a few days before the interview. This got me a little worried, it made me think that she must be very busy and will only have a little time for me. So the interview day comes, I went to the venue an hour early just to be prepared and ready then I receive a text message requesting for a change of venue. By that time, I got even more worried. So I go to the new venue waiting anxiously for her arrival. Many thoughts come to mind about how is she like, is she nice? is she maarte? A few minutes past 2PM then I see her walk in the cafĂ© dressed very simply. She looked around then sees me; she looks at me with a ‘Is that you?’ expression and a hint of a smile on her face. She approaches the table where I patiently waited. I stood up introduced myself and shook her hand which she reached out to me. In my head I thought, my first thoughts about her were so wrong. Just from that simple hand shake I could tell she was very nice and a very down to earth person. And I was right.

And just so our prof could be sure that we didn't just make up what we wrote he asked that we accompany our paper with any sort of tangible evidence.

L - Here I am with her.
R - And two of my friends (Joan & Janet) who I've asked to come along to accompany me for moral support. They arrived very late though but I still appreciate them coming.
By the time Ms. Jacquilou left, Joan was working her inner fierceness while Janet was being... happy :)
Pretty Yellow Flower

Here is a funny little fiction series I took of Janet:

(Janet waiting for her date)
Janet: What could possibly be taking him so long?
Janet: Did I just get stood up? :(
Janet: NO! NO! NO! I must think positive thoughts! :)


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