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Monday, October 26, 2009

Figured it out!

Last August 2009, my friend dropped by my place to help with my homework. While he was going over my work I was taking pictures aimlessly. Then I took pictures of him and tried to figure out how they did those black and white portraits similar to the ones I took below. Did a little trial and error then finally figured it out! :) Want one? Get in touch with me.

Is it just me or when you look at these pictures it reminds you of politics/politicians?

And oh, correction about the terms of agreement regarding blog posting with my friend. It's a minimum of one entry every three days and not just one entry. So the advanced entries I thought I had are not considered advanced anymore. This is for my Tuesday post.


  1. Aww... Bestie... I didnt know you're gonna upload this... It's really a privilege to be part of your oh-so-fab blog... and yea, I have to agree with your friend, the new layouts really cool, especially the spiffy guy on the side of the banner. Did I use the term correctly?

  2. now you're part of this blogs history. hahaha :)) glad u like the new layout. and yes, u used the term correctly.


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