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Thursday, October 22, 2009


After watching Julie and Julia (which was an enjoyable movie by the way except that...) with a friend, we vowed to be more consistent with our blogs. We've made a deal that we would have to consistently update our blogs with a maximum 3 day interval. While our first deadliest deadline is this Saturday (next would be Tuesday) I've decided to take advantage of my blogging mood now while it lasts. And well, I've decided to take advantage to blog about this for my 1st "required" entry. This is just one of the ways we thought to keep ourselves busy with more "productive" stuff because we are usually bored with nothing to do. Seriously, If you look for the definition of bored you might find my name there along with my friend. So... to make sure that we stick with our deal, we would also have to regularly check on each others blog, giving us at least one guaranteed reader. yey! :)) Hopefully this consistent blogging will eventually start becoming just more of a habit than a requirement (crossing my fingers on this one). God knows how many entries I've put off due to laziness.

Let's take a look back at why I started this blog:

1. Motivate me with photography (supposed to be the main content of this blog)
2. Improve/Practice writing skills
3. (Other stuff I might have forgotten)

Let's hope I get back to my blogger mode again and soon! :)
Wish me luck!

Julie and Julia Trailer:

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