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Monday, August 31, 2009

Very First

This was the very very first real-ish photoshoot I ever did. This was for the business project me and my group mates were running for one of our classes back when I was 4th year high school. As you can see, the focus of the photos are the products we were selling. We used flash lights to do this. These photos were used for advertising purposes. I can still remember this shoot. There was a lot of heavy lifting, sweat, etc. Cocenpt and lighting by me. Group mates were the models. We shot this in the basement/spare room in my house. I can still remember not knowing how to properly function my friends DSLR then. But I still managed to come up with awesome pictures. Don't you think? I mean, for a DSLR virgin not knowing how to function it, these photos are pretty good ey? :) And oh, if you haven't figured it out yet, those things you see on the wall... Crumpled newspapers + colored light from below.


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