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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Cinemalaya 09

For our INTFILM class, we were (sort of) required to watch two competing films in this years CINEMALAYA and write a one page paper on them. At first I thought it was such a hassle because he told us very last minute, but after watching the two films, I'm glad we were required. Our professor only told us on Tuesday (July 21) and Cinemalaya would run only until Sunday so we scrambled to schedule when we would watch it. I only had til Thursday (July 23) to watch as I was leaving for Cebu the next day. Luckily, the others couldn't or didn't want to watch on the weekend as it was a hassle for them as they lived far so we agreed to watch two films on Thursday which was ideal for me :)

Right after our INTPRIN class (we had free cut for our INTBROD) we went straight to CCP to watch any two films we could. We walked a little then took a jeep. And here we are.
Crossing the street.
We were starving after the first film so we rushed to Harbor Square to grab a bite. The next film was not til 9pm so we had about an hour or so to eat.
We were supposed to eat at Teriyaki Boy but we changed our minds, I forgot why.
Harbor Square at night.
We eventually decided to eat at Dencio's.
All smiles :)
Ice cold beer +
SISIG!!! = perfect combination for a heart attack but oh so gooood :D
Got back just in time for the 2nd film, there was an introduction that included the director, cast and crew.
Discussing the films we watched.
Pictures of the directors this year on the 2nd floor

View from the 2nd floor (where we were eating the free food)
Alfred Vargas, Pilar's crush. hehehe :P
The others had to leave early so Pilar and I were left. Since Pilar asked her driver to fetch her late because we were supposed to go drinking, we decided to take a few photos around the venue :)
Posters downstairs.
This was the 1st film we watched. Astig was... well... Astig. haha :D
2nd film we watched was Colorum. Very good movie.
I really wanted to watch this but tickets were sold out :(
This won Best Cinematography

Can't wait for next years CINEMALAYA!!! :D

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