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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A (not so) missed opportunity

See that jacket Maricel Soriano is wearing below? Well, my bestest cousin Meme had one made for herself. Since the designer (Ralph Ng) is Manila based, she had it sent to me when it was finished, which I (or whoever was going to Cebu ASAP) would then bring to Cebu to give to her. She ordered this jacket when I was still in Cebu last month(?) and gave me permision to use it for a shoot. Unfortunately, I was not able to do a shoot with it before I had to bid it adieu :( One of our other cousins was going to Cebu earlier than I had expected. Darn you, Nica!!! :P

To have had a shoot with this jacket would have been so awesome. Such a missed opportunity or was it really? Meme finally got a hold of her jacket and tried it on. Guess what. It needs to be altered because it's not fitting well on her. I know I shouldn't be happy about it, but that just means it will have to be sent back here to be altered and it will be with me again for some time. Hopefully then I'll be able to do a shoot with it. *fingers crossed*

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