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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Happy 1st Half-Birthday!

Today marks my blog's 1st half-birthday. That's just a fancy way of saying 6 months old... got it from watching one of the episodes of 90210 Season 1. For the past 6 months this has been my baby, my life, my project and I'm a very proud papa. I can't believe I was able to make it last for this long. Knowing me, when nothing's at stake, I easily get lazy and bored then I usually move on to the next thing. This is really quite an accomplishment for me. I know it's nothing huge like getting the nobel prize or something, but in my books, this is one of the few things I'm proud of. I owe my little "success" to the movie Julie & Julia and the deal a friend and I made because of that movie. Read about it HERE.


Reading my old entries, I realized how far my blog has come along in the span of 6 months. My content has been continually evolving and now I actually have readers. Not much, but enough to keep me blogging. As you guys have/have not read, I currently have 2 little blog "projects": the Photo Projects and Comic Book Adventures. Though I only have 1 entry for each so far, I'm adding yet another "project", the Art Project, which I will blog about in the next post. So I guess my blog is no longer limited to photography but anything creative. Which makes perfect sense with my blog's name/title appropriately called Creative Pursuit. I am in a continuous pursuit for/of anything creative.

*Raises a glass of wine* Here's to another 6 months! Cheers!

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