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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Photo Project #4: DIY Snoot

Yes, I do realize that I haven't finished Photo Projects # 2 & 3 but I have a good excuse reason. For Photo Project #2, I still need to buy plexiglass or some other alternative for the base. I only used an old x-ray film for the teaser and I'm not quite satisfied with it. Then for Photo Project #3, I will do it when I get to Cebu for the Holidays. I think I'm going to take everyone's portrait with that effect. So for now, here is Photo Project #4: DIY Snoot, which I'll improve aswell once I get better materials for it.

HERE'S the LINK I based this DIY on. And I say based on because the DIY is meant for Speedlights/External Flash units. By the time I was going to do it for my speedlight the batteries died and charging takes 7 hours. So here is my DIY Snoot for Strobe lights (super cheap version).

What you'll need:

 1. Black/Dark Colored Thick Art Paper & Tape
But preferably foam paper as the DIY suggests.
(As you can see in the picture, I've already rolled and taped the paper to fit the size of the strobe light I used)

2. Strobe Light / Speedlight / Flash Light / any artificial light source
(Snoot in place already)

3. Subject

The set-up:


With yellow "color splash":
Had the speedlight with yellow cellophane bounce of the wall from the side unintentionally. (Yes, cellophane. Coz I'm cheap resourceful like that.) I was too lazy to turn it off and I thought it wouldn't have an effect. BUT IT DID, in a good way. And I'm glad I was lazy otherwise I wouldn't have discovered this effect.


* I think I'm finally done with Chritmas Shopping. THANK GOD :)


  1. i loove yer blog.. thanks for the tip.. this is awesome!

  2. i'm glad you're learning from it :)


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