SINCE 07/28/09

Saturday, September 4, 2010


I officially just ended this term about 2 hours ago. And I found myself not wanting to leave the classroom. You'd think that I'd be rushing out and rejoicing, well.... I thought so too. Even if this term was the worst of times (Media Entrepreneurship & Photo Journalism), it was also the best of times (Video Production). For some reason, when I was leaving the classroom it felt like my last day of college (Even if I still have 2 more terms to go). It was hard to leave because then I would have to face the reality that my VPRODUC class has officially ended. This is the ONLY major subject that I truly enjoyed attending so far. I will definitely miss my group (CAMP Productions, pictured below), our professor Ms. Nix Lanas and our class. This is the first time that I ended a term with a smile on my face not because of relief but because I was happy with how it ended. I wish my last day of college would be like this.
I just really felt I had to write this post. It's just one of those days that I want to remember.

Expect a lot more posts in the coming days. I have so much adventures to share.

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