SINCE 07/28/09

Thursday, June 10, 2010


Ok, so maybe I didn't stick to my promise. I'm really gonna try to get back to blogging within the next few weeks. I'm back in Manila and school just started last week. I've been adjusting back to Taft Life. Back to cleaning up after myself. That means washing dishes, preparing my own meals or buying them outside, cleaning the condo, and etc. You get the idea. I'm back on my own. "Independent" life. Anyway... so much has happened over the summer. Many many stories to share. I've dozens of pending posts from months back so I apologize if I will still bother posting them. Again, this blog also serves as a reminder for me when I look back to past entries. I don't exactly have the best memory. You guys should know that by now. Hehe :)

And I just wanted to share this photo of one of my fave genius, Andy, with his quote.
I'm kinda like Andy in this way, I'm more of a picture kind of guy, was never really into words.

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